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Learn the Saxophone Skills that Will Help Build Your Career as a Freelance Musician

What You'll Receive Inside Texas10er Music Academy:

  • Music lessons on approaching chord changes: This is good for you because learn how to better navigate through chords when playing songs. (Value: $297)
  • Performance videos to see live application of what I'm sharing inside the coaching: This is important because it connects the dots between what you're learning and what needs to be practiced. (Value: $497)
  • Live weekly master classes: This is big because we cover student specific suggestions insuring you learn what's most important to you. (Value: $300) 
  • Cool sounding licks: This a good thing because they can be used when playing over common chord progressions. (Value: $280) 
  • Marketing and business training: This is great because it will provide the aspiring musician skills training necessary to build an income around your musical skills. (Value: $997)

Total Value: $2,371


"I first stumbled across Quamon several years back on a site called JazzWebShed, long before TMA. And I remember him posting a clip where he was talking to the legendary Kirk Whalum about building speed on the saxophone, and I thought, wow that’s pretty cool this guy is in THE circle. Then, time went on and he posted something else, I don’t remember what exactly now, but I commented on it and to my surprise Q. actually respond to me! A nobody, and I said man this guy is not only a phenomenal musician, but just a genuine guy and I’ve been following him and learning from him every since. Now as a member of Texas10er Music Academy, I’ve yet to find another saxophone instructional website or online resources that even comes close to TMA."  

Skip Y. 

"Hello this is Immanuel from the Immanuel Experience Ensemble and I have been playing for over thirty years. If you are not a part of the Texas10er Music Academy I encourage you to join today. Since I joined I have been able to increase my technique, speed and dexterity on my instrument (the saxophone)... thank you Quamon for this awesome learning experience!"


"I am primarily a tenor saxophone player. I am learning a great deal of jazz language and fundamental methods from studying with Quamon. Truly a great teacher of this music."

La'Roy Bodiford

"Q helped me with putting a gospel video out on amazing grace. In that video he showed in his unique way how he speaks gospel and how it sounds different from bop/ jazz/ blues. And different techniques and applications how that is. And how he merges the styles as he pleases. Thank you Q!"

Uli Gradinger


Quamon Fowler is known world wide for his musical skills on the saxophone and has been awarded in recognition of his music composition and improvisation skills. One of the most notable recognitions is winning 3rd place in the 2008 Thelonious Monk International Jazz Saxophone Competition. He has released 6 CDs and published one book as an independent musician and educator. In 2009, Quamon created a website called, JazzWebShed. He provided educational videos for jazz musicians in the areas of jazz improvisation, music business, and music marketing. Quamon has always had a passion for performing and helping aspiring musicians. This is what led him to expand his vision to create, TeXas10er Music Academy. Here at TeXas10er Music Academy, the goal is to provide music performance & &ducational videos from Quamon and his friends. It doesn't matter if you are a music lovers or music student, TeXas10er Music Academy is committed to provide inspirational music, performances, and lessons to touch the heart and soul of those who become apart of the academy.









Immediate Access to All Music & Video Lessons Includes All Jazz, Improv, Licks Shed Lessons Exclusive Performances

Immediate Access to All Music & Video Lessons Includes All Jazz, Improv, Licks Shed Lessons Exclusive Performances SAVE $10 per Quarter & $40 per Year

Immediate Access to All Music & Video Lessons Includes All Jazz, Improv, Licks Shed Lessons Exclusive Performances GET 2 Months FREE - Saving $59.90 by Paying 1 Year in Advance

And As Always... Our Guarantee Puts All The Risk on Us.

You're Protected by Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

You're Protected by our Satisfaction Guarantee. If you aren't completely satisfied with your purchase, contact our support team at Texas10er Music Academy and let us know. We're committed to your satisfaction. Our customer success rate is rated at the top of the online industry it's because of our top of the line support staff and customer satisfaction policies. If, after using our products, you aren't convinced that got at least 10x the value of what you paid, we will refund your investment in full, no questions asked.

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